TopMeApp is an intelligent social app that provides companies, brands & advertisers with social capabilities to engage directly with their users, helping shape their customers’ experiences, leveraging their voices for greater marketing impact & co-creation of new products & services. Essentially, at the heart of TopMeApp technology is the ability for delivering personalised experiences to consumers by offering unique capabilities to companies leveraging digital channels for sales and marketing purposes. TopMeApp utilises Social Network technologies to give businesses deeper insights into their own consumers — their interests, needs and behaviours — which can then be translated into compelling, personalised offerings that create longer-term relationships.

This fully managed service platform allows companies (e.g. telecommunications) to leverage the massive online & social network growth worldwide as an interactive distribution channel for any virtual inventory. The platform provides a centralised multi-channel deployment capability for companies across all social networks and mobile phones combined with a disruptive no capex / opex business model. TopMeApp also provides a collaboration model for companies to drive further value/loyalty by bundling their own products/services with other leading value added services, companies & industry segments: coupons, gaming, virtual goods/currency, LBS, targeted advertising, retail, music, 3rd party loyalty programs and new applications. This provides an aggregated, ever evolving, consumer-centric approach to “future proof” their business. This consumer-centric personalisation leads to longer-term relationships and it is these relationships that are the key to digital monetisation.