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Puntaa is a peer to peer platform that allows users to bet on custom wagers with their friends, share bets socially, and transfer the winnings seamlessly, all on their mobiles.

A significant number of Australians engage in social handshake betting but struggle to keep track of bets, get paid for wins, and socially engage and share those bets beyond the original participants. Puntaa is the first wagering platform in Australia that allows you to place social bets against your mates. Puntaa documents all the wagers made, gives users the ability to share bets on social media, and allows them to pay out wins seamlessly, all within the app.

Puntaa operates a ‘punter to punter’ model, connecting two friends that want to socially wager. This differs from online bookmakers, who directly compete with punters, requiring those punters to lose in order for bookies to profit. Puntaa has no interest in who wins or loses the bet. Therefore we can focus on providing a great user experience, encourage responsible wagering and bring back the fun and social elements that have gone missing from the experience.